Components Procurement

In UETPCBA, you only need to provide the design file or components of procurement plan, then you could enjoy full-service inventory management for your assembly projects. We will purchase all the electronic components and complete PCBA manufacturing in accordance with the design requirements. We use an ERP system which can provide timely information of real-time inventory reports to minimize the mistakes or errors made by human negligence. It makes the process of pcb procurement components management easier and more reliable, also saves the customer the total cost, increases the turnover efficiency of product.

Our Supply Chain Management Team

More than 20 purchasing specialists

15+ years of management experience in components sourcing

Professional incoming material analysis and control engineer

Sophisticated BOM engineer

Our Advantages

*100% purchase in accordance with the brand and P/N specified in the customer’s BOM (unless the customer agrees in writing to purchase alternative materials)

*Components will be quoted within 24 hours

*Procurement of components through formal channels

*CoC can be provided

*Provide perfect original technical support

*Perfect IQC inspection system of incoming materials

* Passive resistors, capacitors, inductors, connectors, etc. within one week

*Good centralized procurement advantages (eg: shorter procurement cycle, the latest material year and stock advantages)

Our Guarantee

We have a perfect supply chain management system, strict audit and certification of all suppliers, samples, small batch specifications admitted, to ensure the qualification of suppliers. In addition, we are equipped with a powerful IQC incoming material inspection mechanism, AQL sampling standard inspection of all core components.

We can give full play to the price advantage of centralized procurement and cooperate with the original manufacturers and agents. To establish a decade-long cooperative relationship, we can obtain the priority guarantee of continuous supply and the original manufacturer technical support.