Flex and Rigid-flex PCB Assembly

Flexible circuit technology provides a method to integrate multiple PCB assemblies, eliminate wires, cables or connectors, replacing them with flexible substrate between rigid sections. Flexible/Rigid-Flex printed circuit boards are lightweight, thin, flexible, compact, and easy to install, so they are widely used in a range of high reliability industries including Aerospace, Defense, Communication Electronics, Consumer Electronics) etc.

Cost of flexible/rigid-flex PCB fabrication and assembly are higher than regular rigid PCBs. And the assembly of flexible PCB is different from the rigid PCB in the assembly process.

As a professional flex pcb manufacturer, UETPCBA provides complete flexible/rigid-flex PCB fabrication and assembly services to meet all your turnkey PCB assembly requirements.

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Types of Flexible PCBs We Can Provide

  • Single-Sided Flexible PCB/Assembly
  • Double-Sided Flexible PCB/Assembly
  • Multilayer Flexible PCB/Assembly
  • HDI Flexible PCB/Assembly
  • Single-Sided Rigid-Flex PCB/Assembly
  • Double-Sided Rigid-Flex PCB/Assembly
  • Multilayer Rigid-Flex PCB/Assembly
  • HDI Rigid-Flex PCB/Assembly

What Are the Advantages of Flexible/ Rigid-Flex PCBs?

  • Less space and weight
  • High Density Applications
  • High bendiness
  • High temperature applications (up to 400C.)
  • Easier to prepare for harsh environments
  • Avoid wiring errors
  • Improve circuit board reliability and durability
  • PCB assembly flexibility
  • Improve heat dissipation