PCBA Testing

The PCBA testing refers to the electrical conductivity of the printed circuit board mounted with electronic components and the detection based on the input and output values. In the pcba item test, there are numerical relations such as voltage and current between different test points. It is necessary to detect the test points with the help of professional test equipment or a manually operated multimeter, to verify whether the actual PCBA board meets the design requirements. PCBA testing is a key step to ensure the quality of production and delivery. Any PCBA manufacturer should strictly follow the PCBA testing standards and proceed with the test according to the customer’s test plan. Our internal R & D department can customize the PCBA test plan according to the needs of customers. In terms of pcba testing, especially pcb assembly testing and test in circuit, UETPCBA is experienced and professional, which can test the products strictly to provide customers with high-quality PCBA products.

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PCBA Testing Principle

The test points on the pcba circuit board are connected through the FCT fixture, to form a complete circuit to connect the computer and the programmer and upload the MCU program. The MCU program will capture the user’s input action, through the calculation to control the nearby circuit on and off or drive the motor rotation, etc. By observing the voltage and current values between the test points on the FCT fixture, and verifying whether these input and output actions are consistent with the design, to complete pcba item test.


PCBA Testing Fixture

The large quantities of pcba circuit board must be tested, and the corresponding pcba test fixture are usually provided to assist the efficient completion. The principle of the pcba test fixture is to connect the test needles and the test points on the PCB board, obtain voltage, current, and other key data, then display them on the display screen of the test fixture, to achieve the purpose of rapid PCBA test. When customers are designing PCB boards, engineers will consider their test schemes, reserve PCB test points, and issue professional test documents or test plans to manufacturers. UETPCBA can provide PCBA test fixtures for customers.

PCBA Testing Types

PCBA testing is an essential part of the whole PCBA manufacturing supply chain. From the final data results to control the quality, in the standardized design and manufacturing management, PCBA testing must be recommended to consider and implement. As a professional and experienced pcba testing supplier, UETPCBA provides the following test types for your PCBA.

ICT(In-Circuit Test): in-circuit test mainly tests the soldering condition of the components, the on-off of the circuit, the value of voltage and current, the fluctuation curve, the amplitude, and the noise, etc.

FCT(Functional Circuit Test): The test needs to carry out IC programming, simulate the function of the whole PCBA board, find the problems existing in the hardware and software, ensure the performance of PCB manufacturing and soldering. Fct testing pcb is also equipped with necessary production fixtures and test racks.

Burn In Test: Long-time and periodic simulation of user input/output is carried out on PCBA boards that have been programmed and passed FCT to test their durability and soldering reliability. Check whether the pcba circuit board is powered on and whether it is faulty. Under special circumstances, the PCBA board needs to be exposed to a specific temperature and humidity environment.

Fatigue Test: This is mainly to sample test the PCBA board, and perform high frequency and long-time operation of the function, observe whether there is a failure, test the probability of failure, to feedback the performance of PCBA board in electronic products.

The importance of PCBA testing

Pcba circuit boards are commonly used in various electronic products and technologies, so they are very valuable equipment. If there is a problem with the pcba circuit board, they are most likely to cause the final product to malfunction. In this way, more time and resources will be consumed. Therefore, it is particularly important to perform pcb functional testing on pcba circuit boards. As a PCBA manufacturer, we are capable of PCBA testing to ensure that the final printed circuit board has the highest quality.