Our Full Range of PCB Assembly Capabilities Can Offer Responsive Flexibility to Customer’s PCBA requirements

UETPCBA has developed 15 years of assembly experience to offer responsive flexibility to customer’s requirements of printed circuit board assembly. Our Printed Circuits Boards Assembly Capability includes full turn-key, partial turn-key and Kitted/Consigned assembly, whether you supply the parts or parts provided by us, our professional assembly technicians and advanced equipment can build your PCBA products with high-quality.

Our PCB assembly capabilities range from single layer to 48layers PCBAs with basic thru-hole components soldering or different SMD packages in LGA, BGA, PQFN, and 01005 size. Our assembly capabilities include but are not limited to what are listed below. For more detailed PCB Assembly capabilities, please contact us directly.

PCBA Capabilities

Process Item Capabilities
SMT PCB Maximum PCB size 1200*600mm
Maximum PCB weight 8kg
PCB types Rigid, flex ,rigid-flex PCB
PCB thickness 0.3mm–6mm
Solder paste printing precision ±25μm
SPI minimum inspection spacing of solder ball 100μm
X-Y precision 0.5μm
Assembly Dimensions of components 0.3*0.15 mm²–200*125 mm²
Maximum height of components 25.4mm
Maximum weight of components 100g
BGA/CSP Minimum ball spacing, ball diameter 0.30mm,0.15mm
Assembly precision ±22μm,±0.05°
Maximum type of material components 500
Reflow Temperature precision ±1℃
Soldering protection nitrogen protection
Nitrogen control ±200ppm
AXI Minimum components 1005
Minimum pin spacing 0.4mm(QFP)
Minimum solder thickness 0.0127mm
DIP Dip Plug-in technology Automatic insert parts machine
Wave soldering Wave type common wave、Selective wave
Conveyor path gradient 4–7°
common wave soldering precision ±3℃
Selecting wave stability precision ±0.06 mm
Soldering protection nitrogen protection
Coating technology Maximum size 500*475*6mm³
Maximum weight 5kg
Minimum nozzle diameter 2mm
Test AOI minimum package 1005
Inspection content wrong parts、missing parts、wrong polarity、misalignment、tombstone、 solder short、solder bridge、cold solder
X-Ray Magnification Geometric magnification 2000;System magnification 12000
Resolution 1μm /nm
Rotation angle&Tilt Angle any ±45°+360°
In-Circuit Test (ICT) Number of test points >4096
Test content Contact test、Open-short circuit test、CR test、No power mixed test、Boundary scan testing、Power on mixed test
Functional test Test content Check the functionalityand performance of the PCBA
IC programming Transfer the program into the internal storage space of the chip
First Article Inspection (FAI ) Checking the first PCBA sample soldering before production run
Other reliability tests Aging Test, Life Cycle Test,Vibration Test,Surge Test,Packaging Test,Button Life Test
Turnkey Assembly Types Surface Mount Technology(SMT) Assembly,Through-Hole Assembly,Mixed Assembly,BGA Assembly
Box bulid Assembly Custom Plastic & Metal Casings, Complete box build for a variety of applications
Other services Conformal Coating,Custom Packaging,Custom Label & barcode,Aftermarket Service andRepair

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