Full Range of PCB Capabilities to Fit Your PCB Manufacturing Needs

UETPCBA specializes in the prototype and production of high-end double-sided/ multi-layer circuit PCB circuit boards. PCB products include 1-48 layers board, HDI PCB, high TG thick copper PCB, high frequency PCB, Rogers mixed-lamination PCB, blind/buried vias PCB, metal base PCB, half hole PCB, gold-finger PCB, impedance control PCB, countersunk hole PCB, high frequency antenna PCB, etc. Our core competitiveness is leading PCB technology, high-end PCB capabilities production technology, high-quality PCB products, on-time delivery, consultant customer service and optimal cost.

In the field of high-end printed circuit board manufacturing, we always maintain efficient delivery capabilities, combined with the high quality of production management, research and development PCB manufacturing capabilities, manufacturing capabilities and construction of PCB core technologies, accelerating technological innovation and development.

Listed below are UETPCBA’s PCB manufacturing capabilities. We are focused on providing high-quality printed circuit boards to fit all of your needs.

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Detailed Printed Circuit Board Assembly Capabilities

Standard FeaturesStandardAdvanced
Maximum Layer Count2048
Maximum Panel Size533x610mm [21×24″]610x1067mm [24×42″]
Outer Layer Trace/Spacing90µm/90µm64µm/76µm
(1/3oz starting foil + platig)[0.0035″/0.0035″][0.0025″/0.003″]
Inner Layer Trace/Spacing76µm/76µm50µm/50µm
(Hoz inner layer cu)[0.003″/0.003″][0.002″/0.002″]
Maximum PCB Thickness3.2mm [0.125″]6.5mm [0.256″]
Minimum PCB Thickness.20mm [0.008″].10mm [0.004″]
Minimum Mechancial Drill Size.20mm [0.008″].10mm [0.004″]
Minimum Laser Drill Size.10mm [0.004″].08mm [0.003″]
Maximum PCB Aspect Ratio10:125:1
Maximum Copper Weight5 oz [178µm]6 oz [214µm]
Minimum Copper Weight1/3 oz [12µm]1/4 oz [9µm]
Minimum Core Thickness50µm [0.002″]38µm [0.0015″]
Minimum Dielectric Thickness64µm [0.0025″]38µm [0.0015″]
Minimum Pad Size Over Drill0.46mm [0.018″]0.4mm [0.016″]
Solder Mask Registration± 50µm [0.002″]± 38µm [0.0015″]
Minimum Solder Mask Dam76µm [0.003″]64µm [0.0025″]
Copper Feature to Edge, V‐cut (30°)0.40mm [0.016″]0.36mm [0.014″]
Copper Feature to PCB Edge, Routed0.25mm [0.010″]0.20mm [0.008″]
Tolerance on Overall± 100µm [0.004″]±50µm [0.002″]
HDI FeaturesStandardAdvanced
Minimum Microvia Hole Size100µm [0.004″]75µm [0.003″]
Capture Pad Size0.25mm [0.010″]0.20mm [0.008″]
Glass Reinforced DielectricsYY
Maximum Aspect Ratio0.7:11:1
Stacked MicroviasYY
Copper Filled MicroviasYY
Buried Filled ViasYY
Maximum No. of Buildup Layers3+N+35+N+5

PCB Materials

FR4 Standard TgShengyi, ITEQ, KB, Nanya
FR4 Mid TgShengyi S1000, ITEQ IT158
FR4 High TgShengyi S1000‐2, S1170
Isola 370HR
Panasonic R1755V
High PerformanceEMC EM828, EM888(S), EM888(K)
Isola FR408, FR408HR
Isola I‐Speed, I‐Tera MT
Nelco N4000‐13EP, EPSI
Panasonic R5775 Megtron 6
RF MaterialsRogers RO4350, RO3010
Taconic RF‐30, RF‐35, TLC, TLX, TLY
Taconic 601, 602, 603, 605
Halogen FreeEMC EM285, EM370(D)
Panasonic R1566
Aluminum Backed PCBShengyi SAR20, Yugu YGA

Surface Finishes

Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG)
Hot Air Solder Level (HASL, Lead and Lead‐free)
OSP, Immersion Tin,Immersion Silver, ENEPIG
Gold Fingers, Flash Gold, Full Body Hard Gold, Wire Bondable Gold
Selective and Multiple Surface Finishes
Carbon Ink, Peelable SM