Mixed Technology PCB Assembly

Mixed technology PCB assembly services are used to provide solutions for applications that require a combination of through-hole and surface mount pcb assembly.

As a professional and experienced mixed technology pcb assembly manufacturer, we have more than 15 years of experience in PCBA electronics, we are dedicated to providing SMT, THT and complex mixed technology PCB assembly services to our customers. Using mixed technology, we specialize in the manufacturing and assembly of single and double side PCB, Aluminum PCB, Flexible PCB, as well as multilayer mixed technology pcb manufacturing service.

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Our Mixed Technology Capabilities and Equipment

Our independent automated mixed technology PCB assembly lines have capabilities to provide quick turn prototyping and steady production.

  • We can provide rapid prototyping, low and high volume fabrication
  • We have sophisticated facilities and fully automatic assembly equipment
  • Automated flux dispensing and laser sighting
  • High speed production of densely populated assemblies
  • Wave and selective wave soldering machines
  • Automated multi-stage aqueous cleaning
  • Automated optical inspection
  • X-ray inspection
  • First article inspection
  • Functional testing/IC programming
  • Wire harnesses and cable assemblies
  • Box build assemblies
  • Injection molding
  • Customized packaging

Applications of Mixed Technology PCB Assembly

Mixed Technology combines SMT technology and through-hole technology, these printed circuit boards and are used in a wide variety of applications.  Here are some of the major applications of mixed technology PCB assemblies:

  • Computer
  • Medical Devices
  • Automotive Electronics
  • LED Lighting
  • Intelligent Home System
  • Industrial Control System
  • Communication System
  • Security System

Mixed Technology PCB Assembly Services at UETPCBA

  • In response to customer demands, we provide custom PCB assembly service with surface mount technology and through-hole technology
  • With over 10years of experience and best practices in the PCBA industry, quick response of prototype to production PCB assemblies can be provided
  • Providing full-service PCBA solution from PCB design, to PCB manufacturing, and PCB assembly
  • We provide 100% full test and quality assurance
  • Our PCBA products passed ISO9001, ISO13485 and IATF16949 certifications, implemented IPC-A-610E Class II electronic acceptance standard.

As a pcb assembly manufacturer, we provide customers with pcb assembly manufacturing service through advanced mixed technology. We focus on mixed technology pcb assembly process, so our mixed technology pcb manufacturing service will make you more satisfied.