Through-Hole PCB Assembly

Through-Hole Technology (THT) Assembly and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Assembly are two main methods for soldering electronic components on a printed circuit board. Through-hole PCB assembly is also known as the mounting scheme, is an installation method for electronic components, in which inserting the electronic components into existing through holes on a printed circuit board (PCB) by the pins of the component by an automatic insert mount machine or manual soldering. With the widespread use of through-hole pcb, through-hole technology is becoming more and more advanced.

The Through-Hole Technology PCB Assembly Service provided by UETPCBA helps customers to complete the placement of plug-in components on PCB circuit boards, to ensure the reliability and quality stability of soldering. The plug-in process strictly follows the SOP operation guidelines, arranges workstations according to the classification of materials, and conducts targeted staff training. During the whole through-hole PCB assembly process, the related engineers and quality personnel will patrol the whole process and guide to ensure the quality.

Our through-hole PCB Assembly services comprise both manual for complex through-hole assembly or simple samples and automated techniques when it comes to small-volume production. As a through-hole pcb assembly manufacturer, UETPCBA is fully capable to provide cost-effectively prototype, small quantity and mass production runs, SMT assembly, and through-hole pcb assembly manufacturing.

Our Through-hole Assembly Capabilities

We are fully equipped to handle the following through-hole PCB assembly services, including but not limited to:

  • Manual and automated Insertion
  • Lead-free or RoHS soldering
  • Double Wave Flow Solder
  • Selective wave soldering
  • Use low and high melting point solder
  • Conformal Coating
  • IC Programming
  • Inspection and functional testing

Our Through-hole Assembly Equipment

  • Through-hole Assembly x 4 lines
  • Plug-in AOI: Check the components and solder joints for defects
  • Automated wave soldering X 2 lines
  • Manual plug-in insertion X 40 workstations
  • Testing X 4 lines
  • PCBA aqueous washing machine x 2 sets
  • In-house conformal coating and programming device

Advantages of Through-hole PCB Assembly

Easy Prototyping: Through-hole technology PCB assembly enables faster prototyping than SMT PCB assembly, and through-hole components can be easily replaced. In addition, you can evaluate the board design even before the board is made.

High Power Capability: Through-hole assembly can easily meet high power requirements. The through-hole components operate in conjunction with the printed circuit board, they can easily withstand mechanical and environmental pressures. This is why through-hole components are widely used in aerospace and military electronics that need to withstand high temperatures, high voltage and high current.

Component Durability: The through-hole installation is known to help create a strong physical bond between components, components are soldered securely to the sides of the circuit board, helping to improve its durability.

High Reliability: Through-hole PCBs and components are best suited for highly reliable products that require stronger connections between layers

Through-hole PCB Assembly is a part of PCBA electronic processing, manual work is relatively more, put forward higher requirements for management. By implementing a complete set of the quality management system (ISO9001:2015, ISO13485, IATF16949) and equipped with continuous improvement of automation equipment, our Through-hole PCB Assembly service consistency, and reliability, winning customer praise.

As a pcb assembly manufacturer, we have the ability to provide you with through-hole pcb manufacturing service and pcb assembly manufacturing services. We know the importance of customer satisfaction to us, so we will provide you with best pcb assembly services.