Why Us


Our advanced techniques and experience can improve production efficiency and comprehensive response the customer’s demand.


Strictly accordance with management of international standard quality system, quality control and intelligent manufacturing system, fully automatic precision production equipment, provide high quality and reliable products to win the customer’s trust.


Professional sales team and engineering team are available to your project consulting, all our members are dedicated to providing customer with exceptional service and value for your PCB and PCBA manufacturing.


Cost is a result of material, technology, productivity, automation, and other processes. After knowing what you want, we will quickly customize a comprehensive solution to meet your expectations and cost reduction targets.


Now the rapid technological change and electronic innovation mean flexible organization is needed. UETPCBA react quickly to market changing, our working style and fabrication time is flexible to meet all your requirements.


We are focused on quick organizing production and achieving timely delivery according to the change of customer demands. There are many strategies to provide amazing customer service and good products. One of the most powerful ones is quick response.


As a turnkey PCBA provider, we can provide one stop services from PCB production, parts procurement to PCB assembly. We save your time of transition, you don’t need to fabricate PCBs from one and assembly or scouring the parts to another, also the expedited manufacturing and shipping is provided to make sure you can get the products within the shortest time.


We are PCBA specialist with over 15 years of experience, provide a wide range of printed circuit board capabilities of PCB design, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, parts sourcing and final product assembly.

What our customers are saying?

“PCBs received on schedule as exactly as per spec. The additional function test helped to ensure the assembled PCB worked right. Thank you to Peter Chen and your team supply such good service. I will definitely be using your service again.”


“Hi, we’ve been working together for 2 years. The quality of assemblies is always very good and very pleased with the great service, thanks for everything.”


“The boards are great! All polarized parts were installed in the correct orientation and parts are well centered on their pads. I’ve had no problems with any of the PCB’s or component quality. and were able to meet the price I was expecting. Looking forward to doing another larger manufacturing run soon. Thank you!”


“PCBA done perfectly, all parts as per BOM. The boards function as intended. They sent pictures of the assembled boards as well for me to verify thing. The board assembly turned out to be of great and professional quality!! Will definitely order again.”