Prototype PCB Assembly Services

As a leading pcb manufacturing company, pcb prototype service is our main business. With our expertise and resources, we recognize that it is essential to evaluate the effectiveness of pcb manufacturing and assembly. Prototype pcb manufacturing helps reduce the number of errors or defects in the early stage. Furthermore, this situation helps avoid costly mistakes and saves a lot of time. Most companies want to proceed with prototype PCB assembly services before completing the final design of the board. Therefore, we offer custom prototype PCB assembly services and prototype pcb fabrication sercices. As time goes on, our pcb prototype assembly service has a quick turnaround capability. Now, we can perform quick turn pcb assembly. It usually takes 3-4 days to complete a rapid prototype printed circuit board assembly. More importantly, we can also provide expedited 24 hours pcb manufacturing service to meet all of your fast pcb prototyping. We offer you pcb manufacturing service from layout DFM to optimal parts selection and procurement, prototype PCB assembly, and delivery. As a pcb manufacturing company, our goal is to help you achieve market viability with reduced production time and cost, giving you a significant competitive a reasonable price with high flexibility. We perform related tests to ensure our products meet all your exact requirements.

Why choose UETPCBA’s pcb prototype service

At UETPCBA, We have advanced facilities and over ten years of prototype pcb manufacturing. We are committed to providing more cost-effective and efficient pcb prototype assembly service. Our fast pcb prototyping meet the growing demand for rapid prototype printed circuit boards in different industries. Both quick turn prototypes and high-quality production runs are our majors. From simple single/double-side PCBs to complex design are all part of our business. Our team is available to meet your PCB needs. Our capabilities include:

Layout Review:

After you place your order, our engineering team will proceed to review your design to ensure that no fatal mistakes before production. UETPCBA aims to provide you with accurate and cost-effective prototype pcb manufacturing.

Varying Quantities:

We can provide you pcb prototype service in various volume sizes, no minimum order quantity requirement, you can choose the number you want to verify your design.

Quick Turnaround Times:

We know time is important to our customers, so we can provide quick responses, fast quotes, fast fabrication, and fast delivery. Our standard turn-times are 3 to 4days, but our quick turnaround prototype PCB assembly service can flex your schedule.

24Hour Expedited Assembly Service:

If you need your PCB prototype completed quickly to meet your tight project schedules, we can provide expedited 24 hours for your PCB assembly, we also offer expedited delivery service for customers.

Turnkey Prototype PCB Assembly:

Our expertise enables us to extend our capabilities to include PCB prototyping, component procurement, PCB assembly, conformal coating, box build, cable harnesses, and sample test before full production run.

Start Your Printed Circuit Board Assembly Prototyping

Since 2005, we helped thousands of companies in high-quality PCB assembly prototypes for their projects. Here’s why our customers continue to trust us as their PCB Assembly manufacturer.