Low Volume PCB & Small Batch PCB Assembly Services

Low volume PCB Assembly refers to a small batch of printed circuit board assemblies. As a reliable low volume pcb manufacturer, we specialize in low volume PCB assembly services, we can provide custom circuit board and low volume pcb production services for you. And we have abilities to a small batch PCB assembly service for your budget, electronic samples production, and product testing. As a low volume pcb manufacture, our PCBA factory is your best choice for low volume PCB assembly, we equipped multiple manuals and automatic assembly lines that can easily meet your product requirements and finish fabrication in a short time, which can make your pcba manufacturing easier.

Cheap pcb manufacturing about low volume pcb

We focus on providing you with satisfactory pcba manufacturing services. due to low volume pcb assembly has its own advantages, so our low volume pcbs assembly price is not very high. So you don’t have to worry too much about the cost of pcbs assembly cost. As a low volume pcb manufacturer, we provide you with cheap pcb manufacturing services. Even if you come to our custom circuit board, we will not embarrass you in terms of price.

Complete Low-Volume PCB Assembly Solutions

  • We are a professional PCB supplier, can provide simple single/double side PCB, Flexible PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, Aluminum PCB, HDI PCB, Multilayer PCB, and other complex PCBs.
  • We have multiple assembly lines to meet custom SMT and DIP components.
  • We have 8 automatic SMT production lines, which can handle single-sided and double-sided SMD assembly.
  • All low-volume PCB assemblies are subjected to rigorous quality checks and inspections before shipping to ensure that the PCBA boards work well according to customer requirements.
  • We have an experienced team who pay close attention to the production process to achieve the required level of accuracy and precision.
  • Free DFM checks are provided to reduce manufacturing costs and eliminating unforeseen expenses.
  • Under the guidance of the ISO9001 quality system, IPC-A-610E standard, strictly control the production process and quality control.

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Industries We Serve

We have 15 years of experience focusing on electronic product design/solution development/one-stop PCBA service, offer high reliability small batch pcb assembly services to meet different customers with faster delivery times, and competitive prices for low volume/small batch PCB assembly. Our products are widely used in the following fields:

  • Industrial
  • Smart homes
  • LED Lighting
  • Medical
  • Telecommunication
  • Military
  • Security System
  • IoT
  • Automotive