About Conformal Coating PCB

PCB coating is a specially formulated coating designed to protect printed circuit boards and related equipment from environmental damage. The circuit board coating spray has the properties of moisture-proof, leak-proof, shock-proof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-aging.

Conformal coating pcb spraying process is in the PCB assembly process to meet the needs of customers for environmental applications and configuration. As a professional PCB board coating provider, our factory is equipped with a professional production line, including two sets of conformal coating spraying equipment, UV inspection, baking and other automatic equipment. If your PCBA board has the requirements of temperature and humidity, durability, insulation, waterproof and dustproof, then you need the service of circuit board coating. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of Conformal coating pcb.

The Capabilities of Conformal Coating PCB

  • Large size PCBA board, such as 550mm*470mm, etc.
  • Provide fixture of PCBA board, effectively ensure the uniformity of spraying edge.
  • PCB coating support intensive, high – pin components of conformal coating spraying.
  • Work with fan-shaped spraying and point-needle spraying to cover the surface requirements of various components.
  • By pcb coating spray, some components, such as connectors, antennas, WiFi modules, etc., can be selectively avoided according to the actual needs of the customer.
  • Some pcb coating machines support double-sided spraying and baking
  • Fully pcb coating machine, the average spraying time of each PCBA is within 0.5~3 minutes

Why Do PCB Boards Need to Use Conformal Coating?

  • Conformal coating pcb can protect PCB from moisture, salt spray, chemical corrosion, and extreme temperature
  • Conformal coating pcb can provide a high degree of insulation protection for the printed circuit board
  • Conformal coating pcb can prevent damage caused by thermal stress and mechanical stress
  • Conformal coating pcb can provide a barrier to prevent particle contaminants from reaching the surface of the PCB.
  • Conformal coating pcb can reduce or eliminate electronic operation performance degradation

The Different Types of PCB Conformal Coatings

(A)There are many pcb coating types. Conformal coatings pcb from the chemical composition can be divided into Acrylic Resin (AR), Silicone Resin (SR),Urethane Resin (UR) and Epoxy Resin (ER).

(B) From the curing mode, there are solvent-based curing, room temperature curing, thermal curing and UV curing.

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The Different Processes Of Circuit Board Coating Spray

  • Manual spraying — The simplest way to conformal coating spray for pcb, manual pcb spray on PCB surface with an aerosol or handheld spray gun.
  • Automatic Spraying — The most commonly used economic and efficient
    pcb coating spray method, low installation/labor cost, high production efficiency, uniform spraying to ensure spraying quality of PCB.
  • Dipping — PCB is completely immersed in the circuit board coating spray solution to complete the spraying process at a higher speed, and will not lead to material waste caused by excessive spraying. For dipping, generally uses acrylics and urethanes solvent-based conformal coatings.
  • Selective spraying — Selective circuit board coating spray can accurate coverage in a specific area and no waste of material, suitable for batch coating. Connectors and other devices that are not sprayed shall be shaded.

The Applications of Conformal Coating PCB

(1) Household Appliances 

Conformal coating spray for pcb provides protection for electronic circuits in household appliances against water, chemical detergents, adverse external environments, and household pests.

(2) Automotive Electronics

The conformal coating can be used to protect the automobile PCB boards from gasoline, salt spray, brake fluid, and other hazards. Therefore, in the automotive industry, the conformal coating has become an indispensable condition to protect the stability and lasting work of electronic devices.

(3) Aerospace Electronics

Due to the long-term and high-pressure working environment in aviation equipment, the stability of electronic equipment is very strict. PCB and components surface coated with conformal coating has good pressure resistance and high stability advantages, so it is widely used in aviation and aerospace products.

(4) Marine Electronics

Seawater is corrosive to a certain extent, which will cause harm to the electrical circuit of ship equipment. The use of conformal coating maximizes the protection of surface and underwater equipment.

(5) Medical Electronics

Conformal coating PCB can protect electronic equipment from external chemical agents and special environment erosion, to ensure its continued stability.