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UETPCBA can help customers make PCB boards, provides PCB prototyping and mass production. Our capabilities include Standard FR4/Roger PCB, Aluminum PCB, Flex PCB, Rigid-Flex PCB, HDI PCB and Copper base PCB, support Blind, Buried, Plugged Vias, Impedance control, custom stack-up PCB, etc. We are committed to providing cost-effective business solutions that optimize the performance of your products and exceed customer expectations.

Why Choose UETPCBA As Your Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer

As China professional PCB board manufacturer, UETPCBA is enough to offer PCB manufacturing services from prototyping to volume production. We are trusted by enterprises and electronic engineers around the world, by providing cheap PCB manufacturing with high quality, and quick turn-around time. Here is why we are so popular in printed circuit board manufacturers.

  1. No Minimum Order
  2. Flexible lines and processes
  3. PCB prototyping / volume production
  4. Over 10 years PCB Industrial Expertise
  5. Sophisticated and exceptional technical support
  6. Expedited 24 Hour PCB manufacturing service provide

PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

  • PCBs Layer Count: 1 to 48L
  • Minimum Trace/Spacing: 3 mil
  • Minimum Laser Drill Size: 0.1mm
  • Maximum Copper Weight: 10oz
  • 100% Electrical Testing
  • High Density, high precision HDI PCB
  • FR4, Roger, Aluminum, Flex, Rigid-Flex
  • Blind, Buried, Plugged Vias and Impedance Control

High Quality Raw Materials

As, pcb assembly manufacturer, we choose grade A+ raw materials according to customer design to ensure the production quality of circuit board.

Quality Management System/Certification

Our pcb board manufacturer has a complete ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO13485, UL, and other quality management system certification, products meet the RoHS environmental protection requirements.

Professional Engineering Team

Our pcb design and manufacturing has an experienced design team and professional engineering team, which can provide technical guidance, review and suggestions for customers’ designs to avoid the risk of design errors.

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Fast Turn Times

From design to production, greatly shorten customer R&D cycle. The fastest expedited PCB prototype service can provide 24 hours delivery for 2layers, 48 hours delivery for 4 layers,

Widely Product Application

Our printed circuit board manufacturers PCB products are widely used in consumer electronics, medical equipment, industrial control, automotive manufacturing and other fields. Professional in all kinds of high difficulty, high precision and density circuit board and high frequency pcb manufacturing.

Delivery guarantee

99% on-time delivery, multiple production lines, and ERP order management system, real-time monitoring of fabrication data, scientific and rigorous production process, to provide guarantee for your delivery on time.

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PCB Production Cases