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As a China pcb assembly company, we have been focusing on PCB Design, PCB Production, Components Procurement, SMT Assembly, PCBA Testing, Conformal Coating, Box Build Assembly, and other one-stop electronic manufacturing services for over 15 years. We are the best Chinese pcb manufacturer.

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Professional PCBA Electronics Manufacturing Service provider

As a China pcba manufacturer, UET PCBA was founded in 2005, based in Shenzhen, China. We have a modern standard pcb board assembly factory more than 4,000 square meters. As a professional PCB/PCBA manufacturer in China, we provide a full range of pcba electronics manufacturing services from PCB fabrication, PCB assembly to OEM/ODM, including PCB design, PCB layout, rapid PCBA prototyping. Besides, components procurement, SMT/ THT assembly, PCBA testing, China pcb prototype, China pcb assembly services and box build assembly are also the part of our business.

We produce the best pcb in china. We have advanced pcba manufacturing equipment and leading technology with 8 fully automatic high speed SMT production lines, 4 DIP plug-in production lines, 2 ICT/FCT test lines and 4 Box-build assembly lines. UET PCBA has the best pcb manufacturing in China.We have been passed ISO9001, ISO13485 medical quality management certification, UL certification, IATF16949 automotive quality management certification, and implemented IPC-A-610E Class II electronic acceptance standard. What’s more, we have an excellent 300+engineering & production team and an experienced component procurement team. To provide high quality China PCBA board to customers is our ultimate goal.

As a China pcb assembly company, we offer a wide range of pcba electronics to customers from different countries. At the same time, we dedicate ourselves to providing customers with one-stop PCBA solutions in different fields. Nowadays, Many application industries, such as Automotive, Medical, Consumer Electronics, Aerospace, Digital Communications, Industrial Control, Smart Home, IoT (Internet of things) choose our pcb board assembly services.

  • China PCB prototype to high-volume PCB
  •  Standard, Multilayer 1 -48 Layers
  •  FR4, Rogers, Aluminum, CEM
  •  Rigid, Flexible, Rigid-Flexible
  •  Blind, Buried Via, Impedance Control, HDI

PCB Fabrication

  • Schematic design
  • PCB stack-up design
  • PCB layout
  • Reverse engineering
  • Free DFM checking
  • China PCBA

PCB Design

  • Parts selection and procurement
  • Storage & physical analysis
  • Strict supply chain management
  • No counterfeit or grey-market parts
  • No unauthorized part substitutions

Components Procurement

  • AOI Inspection
  • X-Ray Inspection
  • IC Programming
  • In-Circuit Test
  • Functional Test

PCBA testing

  • Injection molding
  • CNC / 3D printing
  • Custom packaging
  • Custom labeling & barcode
  • Enclosure + complete box build

Box Build Assembly

  • Custom motor cables
  • Custom power Cables
  • Custom signal cables
  • Custom sensor cables
  • Custom servo cables

Wire Harness PCB Assembly


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Stable Prototype &Production PCB Assembly Capacity

China PCB Assembly Services

UETPCBA is a professional China PCB assembly company. As a Chinese PCB manufacturer, UETPCBA continually provides high-end PCB assembly products from rapid PCBA prototyping, low volume production to high volume production that makes us be your reliable partner for your electronic manufacturing and innovation.

China PCB Prototype

Prototyping circuit board assembly service is provided by UETPCBA. We are a professional china pcb prototype provider. As an experienced China PCBA manufacturer we know speed and time is a key point of electronics R&D, so we offer rapid PCBA prototyping service to verify your design before going to mass production.

Turnkey PCB Assembly

We provide customers with access to full turn-key assembly, partial and consigned assembly services, which means you can provide the parts yourself (consigned) or request our UETPCBA order the parts for you (turn-key). As a china pcb assembly, Our assembly services including SMT assembly, DIP assembly, Mixed assembly, Flex PCB assembly and selective wave soldering.

Low Volume PCB Assembly

We a china pcba supplier, has multiple automatic production lines that are well equipped for low-volume PCB assembly service for customers, with short fabrication time and a reasonable price. Our SMT PCBA capabilities for BGA down to 0.2mm pitch, passive small package down to 0201.

High Volume PCB Assembly

UETPCBA is your best China PCBA supplier. China pcba is very trustworthy. If your applications require high-volume PCB assembly, we have a professional technical team and experienced management team to control each step of the PCBA process, and our advanced facility and leading technology can meet with highly-quality china pcba and high-volume PCB assembly demands.

From idea to reality, trust us as your best Chinese PCB manufacturer

UETPCBA is your best choice to choose china pcb assembly company. We fully take your design to market and offers excellent electronic manufacturing services.

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Why UETPCBA for Your China PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Efficient Management System

As a Chinese pcb manufacturer, Our QMS and ERP system realizes intelligent production and ensures your printed circuit boards (PCBA) in high quality and on time delivery. We produce the best pcb in china. All PCBA products and PCB assembly processes adhere to the regulations laid in IPC-A-610E Class II. We are a professional china pcba company. All circuit boards undergo 100% electrical testing before shipment to detect potential failures. UETPCBA has obtained ISO9001, ISO13485, IATF16949, UL, and RoHS certifications. All circuit boards will be 100% electrical tested before shipment to detect potential failures.UETPCBA obtained ISO9001, ISO13485, IATF16949, UL, RoHS certifications.

Steady Supply Chain

UETPCBA has been continuously exploring and strengthening the supply chain over the years. Whether in PCB materials, resistors, capacitors, connectors, inductors and other passive components, or in integrated circuits and other active components, we have accumulated rich and high-quality procurement resources and established a relatively complete supply chain management system to guarantee the parts are original, cheap and with good quality. We hope to become top pcb manufacturers in china.

Quick-Turn Responsive

UETPCBA can quickly organize production and achieve timely delivery according to the change of market and customer demand. As a china pcb assembly manufacturer, our quick-turn response ability is embodied in the four aspects of quick quotation, timely communication, quick introduction of new products and short production cycle, which can save the communication cost and run-in time of early cooperation with customers to the greatest extent.

Advanced Production Equipment

As a china pcb assembly company, we have automatic solder paste printers, online solder paste inspection (SPI), high-speed and multi-function pick & place machines, automatic optical inspection (AOI), X – ray inspection, automatic first article inspection (FAI), reflow/wave soldering, conformal coating spraying machines. Such high-end testing instruments and production equipment provide the fundamental guarantee for high quality and reliable electronic products.