Flexible Printed Circuit Board(FPC)

Introduce of Flexible Printed Circuit Board

FPC (Flexible circuit board) is a kind of PCB, also known as “flexible board”.
A highly reliable, the flexible printed circuit board is made of polyimide or polyester film, with high wiring density, lightweight, thin thickness, bendability, and high flexibility advantages.

The traditional rigid PCB material is hard, can not adapt to the development of electronic products miniaturization, high density, lightweight. FPC circuit board has a huge advantage and is widely used in smartphones and wearable devices, and other consumer electronics.

The flexible printed circuit board is mainly composed of five parts:

  • Substrate: Commonly used material is PI
  • Copper foil: divided into point solution copper and rolled copper
  • Adhesive: generally 0.5mil epoxy resin thermosetting adhesive
  • Protective film: used for surface insulation
  • Reinforcement: Strengthen the mechanical strength of flexible pcb board

Flexible Printed Circuit Board(FPC)

Advantages of flexible printed circuit board

High Flexibility: FPC board can be more convenient in three-dimensional space wiring and assembly, beneficial to product design, reduce the assembly time and error.

Reduce The Volume and Weight: in the assembly and connection of components, fpc board can reduce the connection of wires and cables, make the structure of the equipment more compact and reasonable, reduce the volume of assembly and the weight of the product.

Chemical Stability: The chemical performance stably of the flexible circuit board improves the service life of the product, prevents electrostatic interference, and is relatively safer.

Increased Reliability: FPC pcb with high and low-temperature resistance, fire resistance, good heat dissipation performance;

Electrical Parameter Design Controllability: When doing fpc board design, can control the capacitance, inductance, characteristic impedance, delay, and attenuation. The boards can be designed to have transmission line characteristics.

Optional FPC Materials: Flexible printed circuit board can be used according to different requirements, choose different base materials to manufacture.

Cost Saving: The production of an FPC board can achieve the integration of the component device and the wire connection, eliminate the mistakes and rework that often occur when the cable is installed and connected, and reduce the overall cost of the product.


Disadvantages of flexible printed circuit board

1. High initial one-time cost: Since flexible circuit board is designed and manufactured for special applications, the initial circuit design, wiring, and production costs are high.

2. It is difficult to change and repair fpc board: once flexible pcb finished fabrication, it is difficult to repair, because its surface is covered with a layer of protective film.

3.Size restriction: For the limit of the flexible printed circuit board manufacturing process and material, the fpc board cannot be designed very long or very wide.

4.Improper operation is easy to damage: if improper operation during the assembly process, is easy to cause damage to the circuit.

5.No additional electromagnetic radiation;

6. The tolerance of hole size and the line should be within the allowable range;

7. The mechanical properties of the surface should meet the installation requirements.


Flexible pcb manufacturer in China


Zhuhai Zixiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

The company specializes in the design, production and sales of flexible printed circuit boards. The fpc board cup is widely used in high-tech electronic products such as computers, printers, cameras and camcorders.


Zhending Technology Co., Ltd.

It is the largest flexible printed circuit board manufacturer in Taiwan, China. It is mainly engaged in fpc board, high-density interconnection board (HDI), rigid circuit board (R-PCB) and IC carrier board.


China Circuit Board Co., Ltd.

The company is South Korea’s InterFlex factory in China. InterFlex is the largest flexible printed circuit board manufacturer in Korea. Mainly for Samsung, LG and other Korean electronics manufacturers.


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